Supplier FAQs

How can I become a supplier in Winamall?

It is very simple. Go to the site and complete the sign up form. You may as well call us on +2349022267307 or fill our contact form.

Note. Your product must be made or produced in Africa to be acceptable in winamall.

How much does it cost to become a Winamall supplier?

You are not required to pay any money to list your products in Winamall and receive request from buyers. Winamall receives a commission from the sales you make through its network. Please contact us for our commission schedule.

How do I know when I receive a request from any buyer?

Simple. Winamall will immediately contact you. We strongly advise that you send in your products within 24 hrs. after you have been contacted. 

How do I list my products in

1. You must first register before you will be able to list your product on the platform. This will enable you to read through the terms and conditions of your listing and get other instructional materials.
2. To register, click on  signup on the home page.
3. On the signup form, under membership type, click of Supplier. You can also click on (both) if you want to register as  a supplier and a buyer at thesame time.

5. After you have signeed up  in, as a new user, you will be given a personal admin page 
6. Upload quality pictures of your products on white background into the website for free.

Picture size must be 500px by 500px 

7. Fix your price and wait for order as it comes in droves. 


How do you connect my products with your  buyers?

Winamall advertises your company’s products through its numerous advertisement channels including social media, radio, television, bill boards, trade fare, newspapers and journals. This makes it easy for more people to become aware of your products and services. They will have access to the pictures of your products and services. Winamall will notify you when the buyers make demand.

Can I develop business relationships with Winamall buyers offline?

Yes. However Winamall advises that you continue your subsequent transaction through our portal  because of the immense benefit of transacting through an intermediary who is nonpartisan and not a party to the contract. However, Winamall encourages you to grow your business through a robust public relation which Winamall is there to help you achieve.

What are the terms and conditions biding this transaction?

The terms and conditions governing your contract is as seen in Winamall’s terms and conditions.

What are the benefits of listing my products in Winamall?

  1. You will no longer look for customers for your products. Your products will be visible to millions of customers who search winamall network.
  2. staff are highly dedicated and the company provides one of the best customer care services in the industry worldwide who shall support you to have the best experience during your transactions.
  3. Winamall maintains a robust advertisement network for products listed in their portal through social media, affiliate marketing, local and international news agencies and electronic media.
  4. Winamall increases the visibility and profitability of your business by   promoting your profile  and the ease in which people reach you locally and internationally
  5. Winamall is run by a team of experts who provides a well framed contract through their terms and conditions for all parties.
  6. We have advisors who will give you professional advice on how best to increase the marketing of your products locally and internationally.
  7. As a bona fide   subscriber, there are many other benefits in joining Winamall. Eg. You are a member of the company and can qualify as one of the top thirtysubscribers to share 3% of the company’s profit yearly. 

How do I contact Winamall?

Call our welcoming staff on duty at +2349022267307