Buyer FAQs



How does Winamall work?


Joining is very easy. If you find the product you are looking for, go ahead and order for it.


What happens if I could not find my specification in Winamall?


Some suppliers do not list all their specifications in the website. You are required to make a request for your specification by contacting us, and we will immediately connect you with the supplier.


How much does it cost to join Winamall?


Joining or using Winamall is free. You are only requested to pay for the cost of the product as displayed in the website.


What are the terms and conditions governing this contract?


The terms and conditions governing your contract is as seen in Winamall’s terms and conditions.


Is my name and contact information kept private?


Yes. Winamall strongly respects the privacy of subscribers. Winamall does not disclose the private information of subscribers to a third party.


How do I find my choice product in Winamall?


You can do so in either of the following ways:


1. Go to Winamall homepage. Type in the name of the product you want to buy on the search button, and search.


2. Or you can search through the product categories to select your product.


When do I place my order?


Once you have found your product you will be asked to place an order for the product. In this way, your product will be dispatched to you.


What is Winamall is a search engine that connects product suppliers to their numerous buyers worldwide. Product displayed in the website are majorly made in Africa products aimed at showcasing  the creative ability of the African mind.


How long does it take to get my products?


Winamall ensures that you get your product within two working days or less. However, when you order for some items with customized specifications, you will be presented with a quote by the supplier which shall state the date for delivery. Such items include customized sculpture, beads amongst others.


What are the benefits of buying through Winamall?


  1. Buying through will enable you to track your order and help in a larger extent to facilitate  a refund when it is necessary.
  2. staff are highly dedicated and the company provides one of the best customer care services in the industry worldwide who shall support you to have the best experience during your transactions.
  3. Winamall is run by a team of experts who provides a well framed contract in their terms and conditions for all parties.


4.       As a bona fide   subscriber, there are many other benefits in joining Winamall. Eg. You are a member of the company and  can qualify as one of the thirty  top subscribers  to share 3% of the company’s profit yearly. 




Who pays for shipment ?


The buyer pays for shipment.


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